261: Azure Will Continue Until Further Notice… Unfortunately

Episode 261 May 30, 2024 00:54:27
261: Azure Will Continue Until Further Notice… Unfortunately
261: Azure Will Continue Until Further Notice… Unfortunately

May 30 2024 | 00:54:27


Show Notes

Welcome to episode 261 of the Cloud Pod podcast – where the forecast is always cloudy! Justin, Matthew, and Ryan are your hosts this week, and there’s a ton of news to cover, including a slew of Azure and Oracle stories! This week the guys cover some new cost management strategies from FinOps, some Kubernetes updates, MS Build, and even fancy schmancy CoPilot PCs! 

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00:57 AWS plans to invest €7.8B into the AWS European Sovereign Cloud, set to launch by the end of 2025

03:23 Ryan – “Yeah. It just seems so anti what they’re trying to set up with the sovereign region to begin with, right? Like, I guess copying data is fine in, but not out. Like it’s sort of, it’s like GovCloud, right? It’s completely separate. So strange.”

05:06 Application Load Balancer launches IPv6-only support for Internet clients 

05:25 Ryan – “So the trick is for internal, the reason why we’re starting to see this more and more is that because you can address these huge spaces in IPv6, they’re not doing the equivalent of RFC 1918 address space. So that’s why these things become super important because they’ll configure an internal sort of networking path that’s only IPv6, but then you can’t use like a managed load balancer or something like that because there’s no IP space.”

08:37 Amazon WorkSpaces Web is now called Amazon WorkSpaces Secure Browser 

11:13 Challenges of AI in Cloud Computing with Justin Brodley 


12:49 Cost Management Elevate your FinOps strategy: Optimize with FinOps hub, now GA

13:28 Ryan – “I don’t know how many times I’ve worked with teams to, to work, bring down their costs. And then, you know, there’s another major initiative and they’re like, how much penny pinching do you expect me to do? Right. And then versus other teams who barely make any effort and are applying the same things. And so the ability to sort of call out teams and, and see that savings is amazing.

15:10 Announcing general availability of Ray on Vertex AI

17:18 Justin – “I’m not a huge fan of, like, I think we’re reaching the end of the transformer model era. Like, they’re gonna keep getting bigger and more contacts and more tokens. And then there’s gonna be a point where the return on these investments is gonna depreciate very quickly. And I think then we’re all gonna be like, well, what’s after transformer? Because that only did one thing and now we need more things. So, we’ll see how that works out over time.”

17:46 Google is named a Visionary in its first 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for SIEM   

20:31 100 things we announced at I/O 2024  


21:58 The availability of Azure compute reservations will continue until further notice  

23:04 Matthew – “It’s just like a AWS is where it’s more savings if you choose the exact instance types or virtual machine types, but they do have the savings plans, which does go across virtual machines and their app services. If you’re in a certain level, like a P three or above, I think. So like there’s, there’s some nuances there.”

23:41 Public preview: Change from serverless to provisioned capacity mode

24:54 Introducing Copilot+ PCs 

25:54 Public preview: Kubernetes version 1.30 support in AKS

Generally Available: Azure Functions can now run on Azure Container Apps

28:50 Matthew – “So it’s all tied to the app service world. So this is taking the app functions and launching them directly in the app in the Azure container app service instead. So you’re able to essentially run a Lambda now in two different places, depending on what other infrastructure you have set up. So if you’re already leveraging app service plans and you have managed app service plans, so think like you have told AWS, I need X number of CPU and servers to run all my Lambda functions. You can now also run them in just the container form instead. So think your ECS or EKS cluster.”

29:50 Public Preview – Azure Compute Fleet

32:34 Justin – “I’ve used it on a couple other projects, where I needed to provide, you know, some really spot instances and it, you know, the challenge that if you are doing a lot with spot instances now on Amazon is if it’s a instance type that could potentially be used for model training, a spot market dries up really quickly for certain instance types. so you have to really deploy fleets now for spot to really be, have any level of reliability and uptime. And so, I’ve had to use it a couple of times now and it’s still problematic, I would say, but not as problematic as it was many years ago when we first tried it.”

35:37 What’s next: Microsoft Build continues the evolution and expansion of AI tools for developers 

40:42 Expanding extensibility model to Pulumi in Azure Deployment Environments 

41:23 Matthew – “ARM is CloudFormation, Bicep is CDK.”

46:00 GA Load Balancer in Azure API Management & GA Circuit Breaker in Azure API Management


47:55 Announcing IP Address Insights on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

48:58 OCI network load balancer enhancements for backends support

49:46 Justin – “I would love to be able to use this on a cloud migration strategy. The dreams I have, like the day I can use it for that capability, like, I’m going to do a migration. I’m going to use the simple backend load balancer routing capability and some replication on the database. And we’re going to just do this overnight.”

50:55 Instance Security now available in Oracle Cloud Guard


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